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Our Work

We help our partners share data, information, and resources to create a clearer picture of our oceans

COINAtlantic has a longstanding history of promoting and facilitating regional projects, programs, and partnerships focused on:

  • discovery and access to coastal and ocean data and information 

  • building connections and collaborations across marine stakeholders and rightsholders

  • coastal mapping 

  • policy and program development

  • promoting collaborative management approaches

  • open source geospatial tools

Featured Collaborations

We facilitate conversations between those who manage open data & information so that it can be shared, discovered, accessed, and re-used to create a clearer picture of our oceans.

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CIOOS Atlantic

The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) is an open access, online portal for sharing, discovering, and accessing ocean information. This national initiative coordinates ocean observing activities and facilitates knowledge sharing in ocean sciences.

COINAtlantic is a partner of CIOOS Atlantic, the Atlantic Regional Association of CIOOS.


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Data Management

COINAtlantic is engaging in a project aimed at empowering ENGOs to help increase and improve organizational data management capacity for projects in marine and coastal environments. This project seeks to not only understand the needs of the ENGO community, but also develop training materials to concretely build data management capacity.

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Canada in a Changing Climate Report: Advancing Our Knowledge for Action


COINAtlantic is supporting this regional report to examine climate change impacts on our society, natural environment and economy, as well as the actions being taken to adapt to these impacts. You can expect to read about vulnerable resource sectors and infrastructure, challenges in capacity building as well as innovative and sustainable adaptation practices. 

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Data Sharing for an Atlantic Canada Marine Atlas 


Marine planners and data experts from across sectors and around Eastern Canada were invited to the Data Sharing for an Atlantic Canada Marine Atlas workshop, organized and facilitated by COINAtlantic in close collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Maritimes Region (DFO).

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AEI Saint John Harbour Data Rescue & Atlas


COINAtlantic received funding to undertake a two-year data integration and data rescue project for the Saint John Harbour in New Brunswick as part of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Atlantic Ecosystems Initiative program.

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Northumberland Strait Saltmarsh Atlas

COINAtlantic collaborated with the Clean Foundation to produce the Northumberland Strait Saltmarsh Atlas. This Atlas is a collection of data and information on saltmarshes which have potentially restricted tidal flow from undersized water crossing such as bridges, culverts, and aboiteau that act as barriers.

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COINAtlantic's Geospatial Tools


COINAtlantic collaborated with Gateway Geomatics, to develop open source geospatial tool, the COINAtlantic Geocontent Generator (CGG), that allowed users to create and publish their own geospatial information (points, lines, and polygons). These files were findable on Google and the COINAtlantic Search Utility (CSU), which allowed users to discover and access other types of geospatial information, combine data layers, and create custom shareable maps. 

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Remote Sensing Workshop


COINAtlantic facilitated a one-day learning session for federal and provincial scientists and managers to raise awareness, facilitate knowledge exchange, and have participants share experiences using remote sensing technologies & applications.

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