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Our Work

The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) Atlantic 

COINAtlantic is an operational partner of CIOOS Atlantic. We share a similar mandate to support discovery and access to open coastal and ocean data and information to benefit Canadians and the oceanographic community. 

The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) is an open access, online portal for sharing, discovering, and accessing ocean information. This national initiative coordinates ocean observing activities and facilitates knowledge sharing in ocean sciences. CIOOS Atlantic is one of three regional associations in CIOOS composed of a consortium of partner institutions from across the Atlantic Seaboard— a region spanning from Labrador to the USA border.

The staff of CIOOS Atlantic are committed to developing a data management and distribution approach that meets the needs of local oceanographic communities by creating an open-access online platform available to all Canadians.


Benefits of CIOOS:

  • National and regional portals to facilitate multidisciplinary knowledge exchange between coastal and ocean data contributors and data users


  • Better understanding of the ocean can generate new opportunities for the blue economy, ocean technologies, and ecosystem protection


  • Access to open ocean data on CIOOS can improve transparency in ocean and coastal decision-making processes


  • Quick and easy access to ocean data can drive economic innovation, sustainable development, climate change adaptation, and early detection of change

  • Informed about who is collecting what ocean data and where


  • Discovering and accessing open ocean data on a single portal reduces duplicated efforts, saving time and money CIOOS Atlantic is developing a system which promotes easy data access, increasing the potential for reusability of oceanographic data. This system aims to support the work of industry by providing access to oceanic information and data products that can lead to increased economic benefit or mitigate operational risk in the marine space.

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