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Our Impact

Data sharing and collaboration reduces duplication of effort resulting in better use of resources - saving time & money

COINAtlantic works collaboratively with our partners across sectors to maximize the value and re-use of your data in support of ocean sciences and sustainable management of coastal and ocean resources.


Our goal is to transform the mindset of data sharing to ‘open by default’.

Data informs everything we do. The more high-quality data you have, the better decisions you can make. Open data management and information sharing should be considered at the beginning of any project, rather than as an afterthought, or worse, never at all. 

The benefits of well-managed ocean and coastal data include:

  • Improved resource management such as fisheries and aquaculture, oil and gas, wind, tidal, and wave energy, informed by access to physical, chemical and biological oceanographic data and trends 

  • Reduced conflicts between humans with competing uses

  • Enhanced conservation planning by reducing human impacts on wildlife

  • Propelled scientific discovery through new and innovation data combinations that improve our understanding species at risk, invasive species, habitat mapping, environmental monitoring, and cumulative impacts

  • Improved capacity to adapt to coastal vulnerabilities and implement emergency management


A Grey Seal and Cormorants rest on exposed rocks in Port Mouton Bay, Nova Scotia. 

Data should be made open and accessible to benefit these various areas – but open data is not enough. Where appropriate, data should be managed for discoverability, access, and re-use.


Learn more on our Open & FAIR DataTools, and Resources pages. 

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