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What We Offer 

We work with our partners & network of world-renowned experts in coastal & marine management to facilitate open information sharing

We value transparency, shared responsibility, flexibility and inclusiveness, and work towards building a shared vision with our government, industry, community partners, and the general public.

Planning and management in coastal and ocean spaces that is shared between local institutions and levels of government results in a more ecologically resilient coastline and ocean, improved water quality, reduced conflicts, and increased cooperation.

Helping our partners share their coastal and ocean data reduces duplication of efforts and results in better use of research efforts, saving time and money. 


Sharing open data and information through collaborative Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) approaches increases certainty for coastal industries, contributes to resolving resource-use conflicts, and increases protection for coastal residents from storms and other climate change issues through more timely emergency response measures. 

Through our collaborative approach to coastal and ocean planning, COINAtlantic is helping to transform ecosystem conservation initiatives and the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources in Atlantic Canada.  

Our Value
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Longstanding Coastal & Ocean Information Network 

Our collaborative approach compliments sector-based management by uniting multi-sector groups and rightsholders to create new processes for sharing ocean and coastal information in Atlantic Canada.

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Facilitators of Important Discussions

We facilitate information sharing conversations and collaborations focused on balancing marine protection with sustainable livelihoods in Atlantic Canada. Topics include marine spatial planning, ecosystem-based management, sustainable development, conservation, shared responsibility, adaptiveness, and inclusivity.

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Cross-Sector Coastal & Ocean & Information Sharing

Establishing innovative ways to share data, information, and knowledge between all stakeholders in an open, transparent, and equitable manner propels scientific discovery and solutions through new data combinations and the creation of new knowledge.

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Connecting You With the Experts

We facilitate conversations between multi-sector groups and specialists working in marine spaces to advance the shared benefits of open ocean data. This includes tools, skills, and resources related to geospatial information, sciences, management, and conservation to help you plan and manage our marine environment.  ​

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Collaborate With Us
Interested in collaborating with the COINAtlantic team? 
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