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Sea Change Canada: Coastal Champions Interactive Story Map

Sea Change Canada has released an ArcGIS interactive Story-map, consisting of coastal champion partners, indigenous groups and various grass-roots stakeholders working on freshwater and ocean based conservation, restoration and advocacy initiatives Canada wide. Sea Change Canada works with organizations and individuals in coastal communities to support environmental leadership, community development, and capacity-building.

The Interactive map includes all members of Sea Change Canada's current Coastal Champions network, all doing critical work surrounding the health of Canada's freshwater sources, ocean and coastlines. Each recognized group has been interviewed by Sea Change Canada, building an accurate and up-to-date profile with the best information possible. Click on a pin to learn more information about each of our stakeholders. Including website links, addresses and contact information for each group. Groups are categorized based upon if their projects and initiatives directly or indirectly impact coastal environments. Additionally, groups are labelled who work alongside Canada's diverse Indigenous communities.

Explore organizations helping Canada's coastlines. Zoom into Atlantic Canada to find organizations near you!

Go to the storymap.

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