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DIVE DEEPER: A virtual exhibit exploring the Quoddy region of the Bay of Fundy

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre has launched a new digital exhibit: Dive Deeper. The storymap provides exceptional ocean-focused resources, bringing the seafloor to your fingertips! Immerse yourself in 360° videos of some amazing locations across the Quoddy region. Explore above and below the waves using the interactive seabed map. Use the virtual microscopes to see the tiniest of marine life and find out how marine scientists explore this environment.

The Quoddy region is located in the southwest corner of the Bay of Fundy, on the New Brunswick side. Its diverse habitats range from the sheltered, muddy seabed of Passamaquoddy Bay to the tide-swept passages of the Western Isles. It features a small network of islands and is known for extreme tidal flow - up to eight meters! There are five locations to explore in the storymap; Sandy Island, Passamaquoddy Bay Pockmarks, Casco Bay Island, Green’s Point, Deer Island Point, and Head Harbour Passage to the Wolves.

Additionally, you can learn about the team at the Huntsman and use virtual tools to explore the technologies used in marine science. There are six tools to learn about; Underwater Cameras, Museum Collections, Grab Sampling, Multibeam Sonar, Satellite Remote Sensing, and Right Whale Tracking.

Come dive in and experience life below the ocean waves with the marine scientists at the Huntsman!

Go to the storymap.

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