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Neighbourhoods at Risk: A Tool for Equitable Climate Adaptation

The Coast and Ocean Risk Communication Community of Practice supported by the Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructure Project, and the Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum at University of Waterloo are co-hosting a presentation on December 7, at 2pm AST.

The impacts of climate change do not affect all people equally. To help community leaders understand where climate-driven hazards may have disproportionate impacts, Headwaters Economics created Neighbourhoods at Risk. The free, easy-to-use, interactive tool overlays more than a dozen climate exposure and social vulnerability factors, providing maps and neighbourhood data for every coastal community. Neighbourhoods at Risk also provides users with climate projections and a customized, downloadable report.

This webinar will include a live demonstration and case studies about how the tool is being used for climate adaptation. This presentation will be of interest to planners and researchers who may be considering the development or use of similar tools for Canadian communities.

Presenter: Kelly Pohl, Associate Director, Headwaters Economics

Kelly Pohl is Associate Director at Headwaters Economics, an independent, nonprofit research organization that works to improve community development and land management decisions. Kelly is a geographer with expertise in climate adaptation and land conservation. Her passion is translating complex data into practical tools that help communities thrive in a changing world. She lives in Bozeman, Montana and holds a M.S. in Geography from Portland State University and a B.S. in Geography from Montana State University.

Register for the webinar here.

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