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Hydrogen Energy in Atlantic Canada

Hydrogen fuel is a type of clean energy that, when consumed with oxygen, produces water as an output. Hydrogen can be harvested from sustainable and renewable sources, producing zero carbon emissions. As such, hydrogen energy is expected to become wide-spread in the future of energy systems and thus provide many valuable products for end users.

The Atlantic provinces are uniquely placed to become a hub for export to international markets in traditional and sustainable energy sectors. Atlantic Canada can play a central role in supporting our nation and allies around the world with their energy needs. Atlantic Canada’s natural resources, skilled and dedicated workforce, and strong values make the region a highly desirable investment in a world that is transitioning toward a more sustainable economy.

The Atlantic Premiers are continuing their collaborative efforts in the pursuit of emissions reductions, clean power generation, and future-oriented energy by discussing ways in which regional governments can work together to facilitate the establishment of a green hydrogen industry in the region. On August 23, 2022, the Atlantic Premiers attended the signing of the Germany-Canada Hydrogen Alliance in Newfoundland to welcome the development of renewable energy and clean fuel industries in Atlantic Canada.

Hydrogen can become an essential part of the region’s energy mix to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. By working together, the Atlantic provinces continue to show leadership in reducing emissions and identifying clean power generation and transmission opportunities. For more information about the feasibility of hydrogen in Atlantic Canada, see the Net-Zero Future Report from Net Zero Atlantic.

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