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Final Report: Coastal and Ocean Data Management Best Practices

For over a year, COINAtlantic has been engaged in a project aimed at empowering non-governmental organizations (e.g., community groups, ENGOs, industry associations, etc.) that carry out projects in marine and coastal environments in Atlantic Canada to increase increase organizational data management capacity.

We are excited to share the final products from this project.

Best Practices Guide

COINAtlantic created a Data Management Best Practices Guide for ENGOs by consolidating information assembled from COINAtlantic’s Coastal and Ocean Data Management Best Practices Webinar Series, and existing data management tools. Following consultation from the ENGO community, the Guide is a collection of key resources, tailored to address knowledge gaps and support the development and implementation of ocean conservation and management activities. The Guide provides information on the important connections between data management and marine environmental quality. Three resources are presented that can assist ENGOs in the creation of an effective plan for managing research data; data management plans, data management principles, and a resource index.

2-Page Reference Guide

COINAtlantic created a 2-page Reference Guide infographic to complement the Best Practices Guide. The Reference Guide summarizes data management plans and principles for the user and is designed to act as a “quick reminder” for data management best practices that can be easily integrated into workflows to augment data management capacity. It also includes information and links to the Webinar Series. The Reference Guide was distributed to all survey and webinar participants, as well as on COINAtlantic’s blog and newsletter. The Reference Guide was created using the graphic design platform, Canva.

Webinar Series

COINAtlantic hosted a series of information/training webinars aimed at explaining open data sharing platforms and data management plans. The Webinar Series was based on the progression of topics covered in this Best Practices Guide and the results of the pre-survey. Training sessions included an interactive component to walk attendees through concrete steps to implement and/or augment data management practices within the participants’ own organization. COINAtlantic collaborated with subject matter experts to ensure that the appropriate material is covered in each virtual training session. Webinars were conducted using the video conference platform, Zoom.

Webinar 1: CIOOSAtlantic - Data Discovery and Contribution

Webinar 2: OBIS - From Nature to Numbers

Webinar 3: Digital Research Alliance of Canada - Research Data Management from Plan to Preservation

Final Report

COINAtlantic created a final report which summarizes the results of the project, including analysis of the pre and post surveys, and semi-structured interviews. The report also highlights all data management resources produced as a result of the project: Webinar Series, Best Practices Guide, and 2-page Reference Guide. COINAltantic has compiled a set of recommendations for future data management best practices and open data support for marine environmental quality.

For more information about this project, see

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