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DFO's Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program

The Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program (FFHPP) is an initiative from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. FFHPP is using complementary strategies and approaches to guide its engagement activities with Indigenous Peoples.

After a very successful Wave One Engagement, DFO’s Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program (FFHPP) is ready to undertake the next wave of engagement. FFHPP’s Wave Two Engagement is seeking input to continue modernizing and/or developing policies, frameworks, instruments, and guidance to further implement the fish and fish habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act.

FFHPP will begin Wave 2 engagement starting with a presentation focusing on all that is to come. Wave 2 will continue the conversation on four topics from Wave 1, and start a new conversation on three additional topics.

New Wave 2 engagement topics include:

· Death of Fish Position Statement

· Existing Facilities and Structures Position Statement

· Ecologically Significant Areas

In addition, during Wave 2, engagement will continue on four areas included in Wave 1:

· Guidance on the Consideration of Cumulative Effects on Fish and Fish Habitat

· Prescribed Works and Water Regulation

· Offsetting and Habitat Banking Policy

· Codes of Practice – Interim and New

Please take a look at the FFHPP presentation laying out Wave 2. Engagement exercises and opportunities will follow shortly after. This presentation, as well as all material supporting Wave 2 engagement, will be available via the Talk Fish Habitat Platform. Please view the platform for all resources, updates, and any background information you may need.

Please register to participate in platform activities, and visit the website to find new opportunities to participate, share, collaborate, and learn.

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