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Bringing Together Indigenous & Western Ways of Coastal & Ocean Observing: Final Discussion Series

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

In January and February 2021, CIOOS Atlantic hosted a three-part Discussion Series to learn where our goals may align with Indigenous organizations and how we could collaborate to advance our shared ocean observing goals. This Series brought together individuals who were stewards of Indigenous data and worked with coastal and ocean observations to strengthen existing networks, create new connections, and discussed opportunities for collaboratively developing approaches to exchange coastal and ocean data and information. CIOOS Atlantic produced a Literature Review, Summary, and presentation that looked at case studies where Indigenous knowledge was digitized, what factors enabled successful outcomes, and the inherent risks and limitations involved in the digitization of Indigenous knowledge.

Discussion 1: Elders Gathering: Observing Coasts and Oceans

Discussion 2: Digitizing Indigenous Knowledge Rights and Data Sharing

Discussion 3: Collaborations

A final summary report of the three discussion events has been published on the CIOOS Atlantic website.

Watch all three recorded events on the CIOOS Atlantic YouTube Channel. Recordings have been made available for educational purposes only.

Read more about the Series here.

Read the final summary report here.

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