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Aquaculture Siting Data Tool

The Centre for Marine and Applied Research (CMAR) and 3D Wave Design has developed two 3D visualizations of aquaculture sites: Birchy Head and Ship Harbour, in Nova Scotia.

CMAR collects temperature, dissolved oxygen, and intermittent salinity data using autonomous sensors attached to moored lines, called sensor strings. Each string is attached to the seafloor by an anchored acoustic release and suspended by a sub-surface buoy, with sensors attached at various depths.

The 3D digital elevation visualizations display temperature data collected at various depths, in relation to the proposed aquaculture site. Maximum, minimum, and average temperatures can be viewed for each depth using the visualization tool. Data can be discovered, accessed, and downloaded. The information is continuously updated with ongoing data collection and analyses.

Check out the aquaculture siting data tool here.

This initiative is part of VITALITY: Leveraging CIOOS to Accelerate Industry. Read more about VITALITY here.

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