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COINAtlantic Call for Board Members and Collaborations

The writing is on the wall/ motherboard: data, and their management and application, are critical to effective marine spatial planning and the sustainable management of coastal and ocean resources. There is an urgent need right now for relationships and agreements that support the sharing of coastal and ocean data and knowledge to inform decision-making, and this need is only going to grow as the impacts of climate change increase, and we here in Atlantic Canada seek to advance resource development and conservation efforts.

If you want to contribute to these conversations and actions, we invite you to join our Board of Directors and help us transform the way coastal and marine resources are managed in Atlantic Canada. To learn more, please contact

Do you have a project that would benefit from a partner who can provide guidance on data management best practices or training, and tune you into marine spatial planning conversations? Give us a shout! Check out our website to learn more about What We Offer and Our Work.


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