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Welcome to the COINAtlantic online resource repository.

Use the search engine to find articles with key words or filter by tag to find articles relevant to certain themes, such as climate change, fisheries, ICOM, geomatics, etc. 

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default 2011 Greenhouse Gas Bulletin Download
default 2011 NOIA Interactive East Coast Map Download
default 2012 Fall Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Download
default 2013 Continued the Long-Term Warming Trend Download
default 2017 Global Scores for Ocean Health Download
pdf A blooming jellyfish in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Download
default A global assessment of potential for offshore mariculture development from a spatial perspective Download
pdf A Guide to State Management of Offshore Wind Energy in the Mid-Atlantic Region Download
pdf A New Regulatory Framework for Low-Impact / High-Value Aquaculture in Nova Scotia Download
default A vision for marine fisheries in a global blue economy Download
default ACASA Assessment of Infrastructure Relevant to the Fishing and Aquaculture Industries Download
default Achieving Hazard-Resilient Coastal & Waterfront Smart Growth Download
pdf Achieving Ocean Sustainable Development Download
default Acoustic Research Reveals New Insights into the Distribution of Whales in the Gully Marine Protected Area Download
default Action plan for the Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) in Atlantic Canada Download
default Adaptation and Loss and Damage Update: Arctic Climate Shifts, Regions Enhance DRR Download
default Adaptation and Loss and Damage Update: Reports of Climate Change Impacts Put Resilience in the Spotlight Download
default Adaptation in Europe: Addressing risks and opportunities from climate change in the context of socio-economic developments Download
pdf Adapting Atlantic Canada’s Fisheries to Climate Change Download
default Adapting to Climate Change in Atlantic Canada: What Organizations Are Doing Today to Prepare for Tomorrow Download
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